Welcome to the front entrance of Blue Moon News. This is where the big critters hang...This page replaces the Entrance page that used to be in this spot, and I just found out, is linked to various places around the web. So please navigate from the links at the bottom or at the side. In case you are wondering, this is the website for the newsletter Blue Moon News. You can find examples of the newsletter on the NEWSLETTER page, and you can find images that go with some fairly twisted stories on any of the IMAGES pages. They're all pretty strange. That is if you want to see anything here...if not, you can just just cruise back on out. I'll even get you started:


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If you're going to stay, you should meet the dogs...



 This is Shiva, AKA Boweevo. The other one is Thor. These are myBOWEEVO Fila Brasileiros.  

They are a strange and different breed, one capable of swimming since they have webbed feet, more ferocious than any Pit Bull or Rottweiler ever thought of being. Fast enough to chase, hunt down and kill poachers and jaguars in their native Brazil, and more loyal than any other breed I've ever had. They also walk like cats with what is known as a Camel's gait. Something that is peculiar to this breed. Shiva was just diagnosed with neurofibrosarcoma. 

twins_a03.jpg (18958 bytes)

    The twins as baby puppies...twins_b03.jpg (35825 bytes)

Shiva and Thor with a bone....Smiling big for the camera


thorkiss3.png (258595 bytes)Thor coming in for KISSES!

thorshop3.png (425723 bytes)

Thor going shopping, with or without me.



twins_older2.png (356760 bytes)older and wiser...but still furry goofball fun!



thorchair_b.png (174916 bytes)These dogs are so adept at protecting their home that its a real difficult breed to have around strangers. They like to bite them arbitrarily. The breed itself is a mix of the Molossos Mastiff, Bloodhound and Bulldog. AKC refuses to recognize the breed, (their way of saying they think they are too good for them, when its actually the dogs that are too good for them.) In the International shows where they are recognized, the Fila is the only breed that the judge doesn't have to run his hands over because its perfectly acceptable for the dog to attack the judge. Oh... Did I mention they can get to be up to 200 pounds or better? And have been known to hit 40mph in a sprint? So pay attention to those BEWARE OF DOG signs. I have one. 

RIP Big Dog...Still can't bring myself to deal with Thor's passing...this has been a rough one. But he died February 26, 2004 at 12:36 PM. I love you Big Man, See you soon Bubby... 


If you're here for the amateur hour graphics, then these are things that I threw together out of Poser, Photoshop and the twisted imagination that lives in my brain. Its a sad state of affairs...



chromatophobia.jpg (200991 bytes)

Chromatophobia is a real condition where people are afraid of color. I for one think  that we need to be focusing on finding a cure for this most strange disease. Sure, if it was a fatal or other assorted "popular" diseases, I would probably find more support. But I happen to think that this one can be cured! And with your help, it can be. Sorry to say there is no website where you can sign up...but drop me a line and we'll see what we can do! :)  




goinghome_sm.jpg (210914 bytes) 

This one is simply entitled "Going Home"  




stefsanctuary04.jpg (317774 bytes)

Defending Sanctuary 


stjoan_02.jpg (307758 bytes)

Saint Joan Of Arc...some of you will remember the article I did on Jeanne De Arc. She has always been someone I admired and looked up to...my favorite saint. 





silentsunriseAs is this one that I took outside our back door one day. It started out being a really beautiful sunrise, which is why I got my camera. Then I got a hold of it in my graphics programs and turned it into something dark and twisted and corrupt...sounds like the government, huh? Anyway...this is what it doesn't look like out my back fence in the morning...   



Crystal ShipThis one took forever to render. OVER 40 hours! So I will once again ask that you don't take this stuff, claim it as your own and sue me for copyright. I'd have to go all Kathy Bates from Misery on you for that...especially after it tied up my computer for 40 hours trying to render it...couldn't believe that nonsense. I have a Pentium 4. That's like 200 hours on a Pentium 2. This is also pretty enough to be the basis for the new front door graphic. I did mist that one up, though. This was made in Bryce 5, then tweaked in Paint Shop Pro with some help from Flaming Pear's Super Blade Pro and Glitterato.



dreams800opt.jpg (209599 bytes)These Dreams done in Poser. Named because it kinda looks like Nancy Wilson from Heart and reminds me of that song, "These Dreams." I actually did three in the Dream Series so far...the other two follow. 




abandon.jpg (191459 bytes)  The second installment of my "Dreams" mini-series. This one is AKA "Abandon" 




neptunian_sm.jpg (183893 bytes) 



 This next one is "Neptunian Dreams." It was kinda fun! And got lots of Oohs and Ahhs from people for the Gossamer. :) 

ridehome_opt.jpg (284112 bytes)

This one is entitled "The Ride Home" I'm pretty sure it's a direct result of the way I miss my Thor. It came out pretty good, I thought. He's taking her home... I sure do miss my dog. 





bomberbabe_a.jpg (226947 bytes)



And this is Babes N' Bombs. So much war going on around here anymore with this latest administration that I thought I would do my part to advertise this most evil of subjects. I certainly hope you can hear the sarcasm dripping off of the above paragraph. 



leaderpack02.jpg (259605 bytes)

This one is Leader Of The Pack, in case the above one needs referencing... 




  Another one that came from my   nightmares...must be all this talk of war, huh?






Nessie and Dolphins Made with Bryce 3D




Made with Poser My newest hobby...lots more to follow. 

anotherday.jpg (428071 bytes)

NEW! Poser Gallery. Must be 18 and open minded to enter. No whining about anything here, if you can't hang, STAY OUT!!!!





  Once again we come to the end of our tour. Hope you enjoyed yourself. And if you snatch a graphic, please take it and don't link back to the picture here or I'll have to take them down due to bandwidth issues. I have to rotate them anyway, so your page would just get all icky from missing graphics. And please don't claim it as your own. I'm not saying you have to give me credit, just don't even think about claiming it as yours and coming after me for copyright issues. You'll see this laid back attitude take a definite turn for the worse. 



MabryHome.gif (12061 bytes)

Peaceful Tomorrows

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